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Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental Educates Property Owners on Mold and Indoor Air Quality in the VA, MD and DC Area.

John Taylor, Owner Of Madison Taylor Inc., Certified Indoor
Environmentalist and Mold Inspector Utilizes Company Facebook Page To Educate.


Washington, D.C., December 15, 2016 ( - John Taylor, Mold Inspector and Certified Indoor Environmentalist announces the Educational Facebook launch of Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental, serving VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, and DC.

Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental is the leading Indoor Air Quality Company (IAQ) in the DC metro area. This Facebook page will be used to promote IAQ education in and around the DMV. Indoor Air Quality concerns include: VOC, Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses as well as many other air quality conditions that contaminate homes and buildings. Owner, John Taylor, Certified Indoor Environmentalist, and Certified Mold Professional, stated, "The source of most mold and other indoor air quality contaminations can be avoided by understanding the origin and how to prevent conditions conducive to air quality contaminants."

Frequent causes include: inadequate temperature, humidity, poor air circulation, moisture conditions and HVAC system issues. The most common indoor air quality hazards include: chemicals, dusts, mold, fungi, bacteria, gases, vapors and odors. Left unchecked, they can lead to home and personal health concerns.

 Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental has supported thousands of homeowners in determining the source of mold with extensive testing, assessment of damage caused, and production of a Certified Scope of Work. Clients are provided with a clearance letter confirming Normal Fungal Ecology, upon completion of 
remediation, and final clearance testing. Testing and Remediation provided by Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental encompasses servicing hospitals, schools, government buildings, churches, military facilities, research laboratories, airports, and commercial office buildings.

John Taylor shared that the development of the company's Facebook page is to provide an informative platform where potential clients can gain specific knowledge about mold and other IAQ concerns that affect so many properties in Virginia, Maryland and DC. "With the diversity of mold and IAQ projects we have successfully serviced, people will benefit by the information posted. Helping our clients return their properties back to a healthy environment is the most rewarding aspect of the industry."

If you have questions about mold or other IAQ concerns contact:

John K. Taylor
Madison Taylor Inc.
Office: 877-932-4652
Cell: 703-932-6134

John Taylor, Indoor Environmentalist, Provides a Resource Page for Clients with Mold Related Health Concerns

John Taylor of MADISON TAYLOR INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL connects medical professionals with clients by producing a mold exposure resource page.


Fairfax, VA, December 29, 2016 ( - Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental is actively seeking local Medical Professionals who offer services that may benefit our clients. Also, welcoming individuals who believe they have had illnesses related to elevated indoor mold exposures who will share their stories with our clients on our resource page.

John Taylor, Certified Indoor Environmentalist and owner of Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental, has 17 years of consulting experience. His company has provided service to thousands of clients in Virginia, Maryland and DC, by properly testing for mold and providing remediation of indoor air quality (I.A.Q.) issues in homes and buildings.

He explains that many of his clients have reported illnesses that they believe were directly related to exposure to elevated levels of mold, "I have seen numerous cases as an I.A.Q. professional which are heartbreaking. I have consulted many families with infants and children on a nebulizer and with serious respiratory conditions; also adults with headaches, dizzy spells, brain fog, hives, and other debilitating conditions. My clients have described sometimes suffering for years before finally finding a doctor or medical professional that didn't just treat the symptoms, but wanted to help find the cause and luckily recommended inspecting their home or building for indoor air quality problems."

Many customers report a noticeable health improvement once their home or building is properly diagnosed, abated, and returned to normal fungal ecology. However, some believe their exposure to mold has lingering health effects.

Taylor notes, "Hundreds of clients each year contact me in search of medical professionals who can understand the symptoms related to their mold exposure and can offer a plan to wellness. We aim to create a comprehensive mold resource page to help assist our clients in
finding professionals, information, and resources related to their health concerns."

For questions about mold testing, mold remediation or to submit information for the mold resource page, please contact:

John K. Taylor
Madison Taylor Inc.
Office: 877-932-4652
Cell: 703-932-6134

Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental - Supports The New DC Mold Laws and Continues To Help Thousands Of Families In DC, VA and MD With Their Mold Problems

The new District of Columbia Mold Assessment and Remediation Regulations specify requirements for mold testing and mold removal for DC homewoners. Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental supports the new DC mold laws and offers mold testing and mold removal
services in the metro area.

Washington DC (PRWEB) December 04, 2016 -- Are You Concerned About Mold In Your Home or Workplace? Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental, one of the most certified and experienced Indoor Air Quality Companies in VA, MD and DC, recently completed its application for the new District of Columbia Mold Assessment and Remediation Regulations.

The new mold law in the district of Columbia is a good thing stated John Taylor, Owner of Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental and Certified Indoor Environmentalist ( It will ensure that qualified people are properly advising home and builidng owners about their mold problems and that remediations are performed utilizing industry standard techniques.

"We pride our company in our ability to locate the cause of indoor air quality problems, which most companies are unable to diagnose. We've helped thousands of families in VA, MD and DC eliminate moisture and mold problems in their home and improve their indoor air quality. Many of our clients have health related illnesses caused by their mold problems. Helping these clients is the most rewarding part about this industry," stated John Taylor

Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental provides mold testing and remediation services for both residential and commercial projects. The company works with large corporations and building owners assuring good indoor air quality before, during and after construction of occupied buildings. The bulk of work provided by Madison Taylor, however, is for homeowners and homebuyers seeking mold inspection services.

To find more informaiton on mold testing, mold remediation or about Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental see ( or call 877-932-4652. For emergency service 703-932-6134

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John K. Taylor
Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental

Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental Hired as an Expert Witness in Mold Case by
Virginia Family

After buying a new home with mold, the Virginia family
hires Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental to support them as an expert witness.


Alexandria, VA , January 10, 2017 ( - John Taylor, Owner of Madison Taylor Inc., Mold Inspector and Indoor Environmentalist, shared the story of yet another family in Virginia that had purchased a mold contaminated home and contacted his company for assistance. The buyers of the mold infested home were concerned because while the home was under construction several water events occurred in the structure leading to a fear of water damage and mold issues.

The inspection, performed by John Taylor, revealed mold was in fact growing behind thewalls of the new home and the indoor air quality was negatively impacted by the contamination. Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental provided a detailed scope of work describing location of mold, cause of mold contamination, levels of airborne mold spores, potential toxigenic concerns, and the process to decontaminate the home properly.

Madison Taylor Inc.'s client, the homebuyer, provided the mold report to the builder, as part of the buyer-seller inspection contingency. The builder responded to the report, by hiring a company not certified or qualified to follow the mold remediation recommendations, leading to an improper mold remediation of the home. Statement
builder actually made the indoor air quality of the home much worse. The client could not immediately move in to their new home because of the mold contamination. They have had to incur many costs to remedy and restore a newly built home that they thought was safe to purchase and occupy. Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental has had hundreds of cases like this one. When homes are under construction, many of them are flooded by rains prior the completion of the roof and/or proper drainage for the basement. If the structure is not properly dried before the home is finished, these water events will lead to the occurrence of mold contamination. Taylor shared, "Luckily, in this case the client went through the inspection and testing process again, before moving in. Many clients of ours are unaware of the contamination and become sick due to long term exposure to mold." John Taylor has been secured as an expert witness in this client's case against their builder to recover damages incurred and return the home back to normal fungal ecology.

About Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental
Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental is the leading indoor environmental firm in VA, MD, & D.C. area, providing Indoor Air Quality Inspections, Mold Testing and Mold Remediation Services for thousands of homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and government facilities. If you have questions about mold or other indoor air quality concerns contact:

John K. Taylor
Madison Taylor Inc.
Office: 877-932-4652
Cell: 703-932-6134

Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental Contracted to Help Schools With Mold
Problems in VA, MD and DC Area

John Taylor, owner of Madison Taylor Inc., Certified Indoor Environmentalist and Mold Inspector, aids schools in resolving mold issues

Fairfax, VA, May 9, 2017 ( - Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental has been contracted to provide mold testing and mold remediation services for public schools with concerning mold issues in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.
Mold is a growing concern in educational facilities. Many schools have moisture conditions which can lead to mold growth. Water events, including flooding, roof, window, foundation, and plumbing leaks, elevated relative humidity, poor ventilation, and malfunctioning HVAC
systems, can all lead to mold issues in aging school facilities. Some schools have added trailers to increase class space and accommodate an expanding student population. These trailers are susceptible to significant mold concerns. Many have unsealed, poorly ventilated crawlspaces, inadequate insulation, and exterior joint leaks, which create conditions conducive to mold growth.

As parents, teachers, and students become educated on indoor air quality
effects, many of these facilities have added indoor air quality testing and monitoring to their routine maintenance to ensure students are learning in a
healthy environment. Studies have shown that prolonged exposures to building dampness and mold have been associated with headaches, dizzy spells, respiratory issues, sinusitis, itchy, watery eyes, and hives. Individuals with asthma and allergies may be at risk for progression to more severe conditions if the connection between illness and exposure is left unchecked
John Taylor, owner of Madison Taylor Inc. and Certified Indoor Environmentalist, encourages
parents who have concerns about indoor air quality and their child's learning environment to request testing information from their local school district. "Many schools have testing performed for mold, bacteria, lead, asbestos and other indoor air quality concerns annually. If you have concerns and testing has not been performed, request it." John Taylor continued, "Mold has proven to be a legitimate concern in many schools and buildings in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. It has been rewarding helping resolve these indoor air quality problems, which protects so many from potential health-related conditions."

Madison Taylor Indoor Environmental is the most established indoor environmental company in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. They have helped thousands of home and business owners solve mold and related indoor air quality problems. Their clientele encompasses residential and commercial, hospitals, schools and government facilities.

If you have questions about mold or other indoor air quality concerns, contact:

John K. Taylor
Madison Taylor Inc.
Office: 877-932-4652
Cell: 703-932-6134